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The FCC highly recommends all station operators maintain a Contact Log. QSOLog from K0BNL gives you an easy tool to do just that!

K0BNL --- Presents a NEW version of QSOLog for 2013....


I recall that, in the past, the FCC required all amateur station operators to maintain a station log. Although the FCC no longer requires a log, they still recommend it. It is both smart and professional to keep a log of contacts for several reasons.

I know we are referred to as "amateurs" but being professional about this aspect our hobby is fundamental to a well-run station. A station log not only helps you keep track of your contacts; it may help protect you from a complaint about your station as it may stand as proof about when you were on the air. 

It will also serve as a record of your history as an amateur radio operator. It will document contacts to both close and far away stations. We will ponder and discuss with others, our contacts for a long time yet to come. A proper log will help you be a little more accurate in your reminiscing!

QSOLog.exe is a contact logging application with many features that are not only very easy to use but also intuitive and in some cases automatic. The standard version is free and includes a recent update of the FCC HAM Station database for all licensed HAM radio operators.

Paid subscriptions will have monthly updates to the FCC Station List plus version updates to the application. It's free now so you need not pay anything for the FCC station list update.

QSOLog Tabbed Pages and Features:

Main Page - Contacts

FCC Station Lookup

Contacts Report

Web Resources

Calendar of Events

NETS (ARES, Swap, etc.)

QSO Mailer

Contest Mode

The contest mode add a new field for an incremental counter of contacts made.  When in contest mode there is also the automatic filling of fields that would be redundant such as Band, Frequency, Mode, Weather and Temp. If you change an item then the next record is automatically filled with the new data to reflect the changes mad in last record. This only occurs in the contest mode.

Simplicity of use!

Enter the contact station Call Sign ID in the Find Box and hit enter or click the Find button. If it's a previous contact in appear in the window. If not, it search the FCC Station list and when found ask you if you want to add it to your contacts where it will automatically be transferred. 

To add QSO Contact information  you need only click on the "NEW" QSO Contact button (in mid page) and the initial contact data such and Date and Time, including local and Zulu (UTC) time, are added. You can then click on several pull down menu such as for Band, Sent and Received RST, Weather and Temp.  The only ting you must enter manually if the frequency. Sue that could have been a pull down too but the list would so long that you could have entered it many times before locating it in the pull down menu!

For a preview of the QSOLog.exe Screens click on the Links:

QSOLog First Page

The Contacts Station Database holds data for a Station and all Contacts made to that station. Data may edited or deleted when no longer required. many fields are auto-filled for ease of use. A contest feature adds more functionality.

FCC List

The FCC page has a lookup function that uses a fast indexed search of the FCC Station list. The FCC List may updated online at least monthly to include new licensees and license upgrades. A small fee applies for updates.


The Reports Page allows you to make a report of all contacts made on a given date. That report may be saved in XLS format where it may then be loaded in to Excel for formatting or sorting and submitted for contests.


 The Calendar of Events is your place to save important dates for upcoming activities such as Field Days, Ham Fests and Club Meetings.


Web Pages

The Web Resources hold a mini-web browser with fast links to important often used internet resources. It's not meant to replace your browser but it will be very helpful when you need quick access to resources.

Weekly Nets

Weekly NETS is the place to drop in your favorite radio NET's that you do on a regular basis. You can include ARES nets, CLUB NETS or Swap Meets. It's automatically sorted to keep you organized.\

QSOLog Mailer

The QSO mailer is automatically created and may be printed and mailed as first class mail. It includes a QTH picture that you provide on the setup screen.

QSOLog Setup

This screen will pop up first thing on the initial installation so you can set it up your station ID and Station picture. You may change the information at anytime.


Quick Download a FULL working trial BETA copy of QSOLog.EXE ->  QSO Setup Files Download

(Last update 11/10/2013)

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