The Station

My ground mounted vertical antenna is disguised as functioning flag pole and my station are below. (BTW - that's not me in the picture - I am old!)

This was my station I have since moved to Grove Oklahoma. I will unpload some new pic's soon.

This is a ground mounted HyGain 14AVQ HF antenna covers 10, 15, 20, 40 meters and is disguised as a flag pole. The antenna is encased in PVC. The PVC has a pulley attached to raise and lower the Flag.

My neighbors have complemented me on the flag pole and I fly the flag on appropriate days and weather.

I recently added an 75/80 meter top hat that tunes easily on my internal tuner in the frequencies ranges I typically use. 

For VHF(6, 2, .70) I use a multi band ground plane. I also have  back up Hustler multi band  portable vertical sometimes known as a Turkey antenna because of the way the antenna modules plug in to it.

Also added a 4 element YAGI for 2M

My station is made up of a Kenwood TS-2000 all band with internal tuner and a Yaesu FT-857D for VHF and HF backup. I go mobile with a Yaesu FT-7800R. I have had many other rigs too.  I like to try different rigs for a while and then move on to another.

I have a Ameritron 811 and a Yaesu FL-2100B Linear with a Ameritron linear interface.

When needed I also have a MFJ 986 Roller Tuner for HF with linear use and a AT100 Pro Auto Tuner on the FT857D. I use MFJ-921 to tune 2 meters.

Other miscellaneous equipment are a Swan Meter, Kenwood SP31 Speaker, Galaxy and MFJ Dummy Loads, and some MFJ lightning surge protected coax switches and PolyPhasers.

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